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 August 15, 2010  |  Reading forum stats...
A Large Rocky Scene

These are screenshots of a new scene featuring some voxel-based rock formations with sand and a polygon-based vehicle. Watch the new video dev-blog featuring a real-time footage of the engine rendering this scene on a mainstream notebook.

The volumetric fog is applied with a minimal performance penalty; the cast soft shadow as well as a proof-of-concept solution for simple indirect illumination are CPU-based and therefore quite slow.

The engine performed on interactive framerates on a mainstream notebook due to the 3x3 super-sample anti-aliasing in combination with per-pixel geometry detail. The pre-shader DOF and Bloom effects were also contributing significantly to the pixel-bound performance penalty with this particular SSAA settings.

The anaglyph images should be viewed with red-cyan glasses.

Click on any image to view its full-size version.
(opens in a new window or tab)
Pickup model by Twayan

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