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 December 04, 2009  |  Reading forum stats...
Ready For A Gameplay

Finally Atomontage Engine™ is ready to be integrated into computer games. The following video demonstrates a few basic rendering-related effects and car physics.

The video also features destruction physics - now only in form of wheel tracks generated in real-time. The geometry and coloring of the content is modified depending on the pressure of the wheels. At some places buried rock is exposed after a wheel passes above it. This is only possible with a volumetric scene representation.

Some of the 16 LODs of the content maintained by the engine are shown for a few times. You can see how well the engine updates the lower LOD data after changes have been made to the content.

All volumetric data is unique no matter how large the scene is. Therefore physics simulator as well as the user can modify the content in any useful way, in real-time. This will be a key feature in most future computer games.

The video also features an old-style polygon-mesh based model of a truck. The support for volumetric as well as vector content seems to be the best solution for switching from now usual vector engines to modern volumetric or hybrid solutions. This way every game developer can decide about how much volumetric his new game will become.

Watch and comment this video on YouTube.
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