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 December 15, 2009  |  Reading forum stats...
Wheel Tracks

Atomontage Engine™ supports content alteration as a response to physics-simulation events. A relatively small number of simple content alteration response types can make a game look and behave much more realistically. Small scale destructions can be an essential gameplay feature and they can also greatly improve replayability af a game. Most action games would benefit a lot from a technology that would make it possible to use for example newly created craters and furrows as a barrier, or a trap for enemies. Non-predefined blowing up of walls and other obstacles could make it possible to use the static content as a vital part of a totally dynamic gameplay.

The following video contains one of the little more complicated real-time content alteration effects. Althought 3D wheel tracks are an example of a small scale destruction, the fact that it is an almost continuous process that affects numerous locations at once on each frame and that the locations are potentially overlapping make it a more resource-demanding feature than effects like generation of craters, bumps, small depressions and similar. These effects are usualy single events with little need for making the generators efficient. Note that wheel tracks generation also interferes with car physics while a typical exploding grenade results in nothing more than the crater and some smoke.

This video also shows a lot of exposed rock that was just beneath the surface of the layer of sand before the wheels passed above. The depth of the track depends on the force applied at that location as weel as on the ratio of slipping of the particular wheel. Similar functionality might soon become useful for hiding relevant gameplay objects, traps, ammo and similar.

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