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Tue Jan 3, 2017  |  Voxel Surfaces with Materials
The new video shows clips with ray-traced voxel geometry made of different materials. For each tone mapped final render there's a set of pics showing the material composition, reflections and color-coded rendering cost. More info can be found in the video description

Fri July 31, 2015  |  Soft Voxel Bodies Are Super Easy!
Watch the newest video showing an allegedly impossible feature - elastically deformable destructible high-resolution voxel bodies!

Thu July 23, 2015  |  Real-time Volumetric Scene Clipping and Cross-section Rendering
Watch the newest clip demoing a neat volumetric feature that will one day make its way into many cool products!

Wed Mar 18, 2015  |  Destructible Vehicles, VR and more - the newest dev-blog post is online!
The newest post is full of never seen before voxel stuff - hi-resolution destructible voxel vehicles, hi-resolution buildings, virtual reality and more. Watch the 12+ clips here.

Wed Mar 18, 2015  |  The Gallery on FB has been updated!
See pics of destructible vehicles, hi-res voxel buildings, VR and more! Click here. Tank model by Mattias Magito.

Sun Mar 1, 2015  |  Destructible Voxel Vehicles
This is the last teaser for the upcoming dev-blog. It demonstrates real-time physics-simulation of high-resolution destructible dynamic voxel bodies. This example shows that with this kind of tech polygon budgets are no more an issue. Artists will create stuff on the fly without worrying about texture resolution limits, high polycount and tons of hacks that keep the polygon paradigm alive for so long. Click here to watch the video. Models by Nikolay Nikolov, Mattias Magito and Peter Blazej. All videos can be watched here: Atomontage Engine on YouTube

Sat Feb 28, 2015  |  The newest dev-blog is almost ready!
The newest dev-blog with destructible hi-res voxel models of buildings, destructible vehicles, virtual reality, etc. is almost ready. Watch these teasers if you haven't seen them, yet.

APC model by Nikolay Nikolov. Videos: Concrete buildings flyover, Concrete building interior - voxel LODs, Voxelized low-poly APC model - voxel LODs; all videos here: Atomontage Engine on YouTube
Sat Feb 28, 2015  |  Robust high resolution voxelization
The two Atomontage Engine voxelizers can be used to voxelize almost any mesh. The ray-based voxelizer is a very accurate, fast voxelizer that converts any water tight mesh into a voxel model. Minor voxelization artifacts can be fixed by a suite of post-voxelization filters. The extremely robust projection-based voxelizer succeeds with any mesh that looks good when rendered with a mesh renderer. The source mesh doesn't have to define a closed volume; overlapping polygons and seams are not an issue, too.
Models by Mattias Magito and Peter Blazej. More videos here: Atomontage Engine on YouTube
Sat Nov 15, 2014  |  Work-in-progress on a 100GVx scene!
The latest update to the compression scheme makes it finally possible to create a fully destructible 100GVx scene and render it in real-time - all on a single PC or even a notebook. And yes, it will take days to generate the scene and all will have to be done many many times.. but who cares? A dev blog and pics coming soon!

Mon Jan 28, 2013  |  New video: "Atomontage Engine - Voxelized Geometry"!
After 3 chaotic months I've finally released the newest video and the related dev-blog page. Sorry 4 the delay!

Watch here in HD: Atomontage Engine - Voxelized Geometry. The hi-poly mesh was provided by CMPMVS.
Thr Nov 22, 2012  |  A few news articles you might find interesting
Feel free to read the newest article about Atomontage Engine:
  PCs, Spielekonsolen und die Entfesselung von Weltenbauern --
Some more from the last few months:
  Weg mit den Polygonen - her mit den Sponsoren --
  Voxel-Engine Atomontage: 150 Millionen Polygone flüssig per Voxelgrafik - neue Screenshots --
  Atomontage Engine: Konkurrenz für CryEngine 3,Frostbite 2 Engine und Co.-Jetzt mit Videos! --
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  神龙要活了!比虚幻4还牛的Atomontage游戏引擎 --
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Mon Nov 19, 2012  |  Playing with a large voxelized scene
The scene below is a 150MPoly scan geometry voxelized in AE. AE can render the scene and simulate some physics within the scene in real-time. The voxel geometry can be modified in real-time.
Click on any of the pics to see a hi-res version. Dáta pre scénu (model) boli získané od spoločnosti / Source data provided by Hi-poly mesh provided by CMPMVS.
Fri Oct 12, 2012  |  F.A.Q. page added, finally.
I have added a F.A.Q. page as a reaction to dozens of your e-mails, chats and posts on various forums. I hope this will also shed some light on lots of misinformation about AE that can be found throughout the web.
Mon Oct 8, 2012  |  Just passed 700,000 YouTube video views and counting!
As of today AE videos on YouTube have been viewed some 700K times. Few more stats: 2000+ likes vs. 64 dislikes, 1160+ comments and a tall spike in the views per day graph on August 2nd 2011 (113,000+ views). No surprise that it happened just after this: It’s a scam! : The Word of Notch. Big thanks to everybody!
Thr Sep 27, 2012  |  The most realistic result to date!
These are few more hi-res examples, the blue one probably being the most realistic piece of generated geometry to date. The panels are fully volumetric voxel-based objects and can take part in physics simulation.
Gargore and Modhoster are Atomontage Engine donators. Logos/names/messages of all donors will make it into the upcoming AE outputs. Images are clickable. The anaglyphs are separate images.
Mon Sep 24, 2012  |  High resolution geometry and some more texturizer improvements!
These may be the first examples of a realistic concrete surface. The spatial resolution of the geometry is high enough to fit well in a first-person view game. Finalmedia is a Atomontage Engine donator. Logos/names/messages of all donors will make it into the upcoming AE outputs. Click on the pics to see the hi-res image.
Fri Sep 21, 2012  |  Improved generators, texturizer and much much faster pipeline!
The whole pipeline performs much better now - in some cases it's over 30x faster! Texturing can be parametrized easily and used in any of the generation phases as well as during mesh voxelization. Buggy by Mattias Magito. Data Realms is a Atomontage Engine donator. Click on the pics to see the hi-res image.
Tue Sep 18, 2012  |  New interview about Atomontage Engine
The newest 70min long interview with me (Brano) talking about Atomontage Engine and the future of voxels is up on the Czech site (Czech and Slovak audio only, sorry.)
Sat Jul 28, 2012  |  Let's keep AE alive and independent!
For over a year donators have been helping me to keep this project alive and independent. Independence allows me to focus on the right features and reaching milestones in the order that suits the project best without worrying too much about some investor's goals or quick return. Therefore your donations are highly appreciated. If you cannot donate you are more than welcome to spread the word about AE. Thank you!
Read more here.
Fri Jul 27, 2012  |  New Gallery page with tons of mono- and stereo-images is up!
Have a look at these few images of a hi-res voxelized hi-poly and low-poly geometry. Don't forget to put on your red-cyan glasses. Half of the pics are anaglyphs!
Sun Jul 22, 2012  |  Hi-res voxelization of hi-poly meshes of real-world objects.
The voxelizer is fast and pretty robust. If the source meshes are in a good shape, it can voxelize very hi-poly geometry quickly or even huge multi-billion-poly meshes piece by piece. The surface of the voxelized volumetric geometry matches the source mesh, therefore flaws in the meshes not detected by the voxelizer will result in flaws in the voxel model. The following images have been posted on Twitter and Facebook.
Click here, here and here for HD versions of the images. The hi-poly meshes were provided by CMPMVS.
Fri Jul 13, 2012  |  The new voxelizer is pretty cool!
The new polygon-mesh voxelizer is stable and robust. It should be capable to voxelize almost any mesh that is not too crappy. I will release more pics in the coming days on @atomontage_com.
In the first image the vehicle on the left is a voxelized version of the polygon-mesh on the right (created by Nikolay Nikolov). Some flaws are just too evident there. In the second image you can see an anaglyph closeup of the same model voxelized with a more robust approach. No voxel columns were left there. Click on the images for hi-res versions.
Mon May 28, 2012  |  Confused with real-time vs. generation time?
People get a bit confused with how long it takes to render a frame in AE. So usually it takes few ms or tens of ms. That means real-time (or interactive) rendering. The last few scenes in AE pics and videos have been generated by computer. That process takes hours to days (usually the yield is 100MV to 1GV per hour on a single core) and it has nothing to do with how the renderer will perform once the data is ready.
Thr May 17, 2012  |  The Gallery was updated with hi-res geometry!
Finally the gallery was updated with screenshots of the newest examples of hi-res geometry. The hi-res pipeline works well and it is becoming ready for the coming task: the creation of a 100GV+ scene. See the pics in Gallery. Red-cyan anaglyph images included.
Tue May 15, 2012  |  Sometimes evolution fails. But that means it works just right!

About 20 out of 96 versions of one of the rock surface solutions came out useless. That's great because the other seventy-six are fine and few of them are really great! See some of the failed versions in detail here.
Fri May 11, 2012  |  Hi-res pipeline works well, compressions are getting better and better.

Few images of testing pieces of hi-res geometry have been tweeted on @atomontage_com. See a hi-res version of the image above.
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