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The Ultimate Solution

Atomontage Engine™ might soon become one of the ultimate solutions in real-time 3D. With voxels representing the vast majority of the content, and other atom-like elements making up the rest - non-rigid structures like soft bodies and fluids, a well designed volumetric engine will become the dream technology a developer never again needs to replace. The principles this kind of technology is based on are comparable with what makes our world and the whole universe a well working dynamic place. Any atom-based volumetric engine will still need upgrades but the principles will remain the same for a long long time.


Atomontage engine™ supports a number of content representations. It supports polygons and collision primitives, it's all there. But for the real fun you simply need to work with atoms.

Voxels are of course the most important and the most massively used ones. There is one good reason for that. It is the memory consumption. All the other reasons are of a microscopic significance. One simply cannot work with a dozen billion polygons, or a dozen billion particles having all the necessary attributes stored in a useful way. Voxels are the only choice to make it all work, in real-time, on a modern or possibly a low-end computer.

Another nice thing about atom-based representation is the possibility to convert one type of atom into another. This is what makes deposition of a blown-away sand or soot from a smoke plume possible. Or coloring of water after it is mixed with mud. So content can respond naturally to all the physical processes it undergoes, in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence That Makes It Work

Running Atomontage Engine™ would be a nightmare for any computer if it was not controlled by an intelligent core. It is not easy to ensure efficient processing of all the millions of voxels processed by diverse algorithms. Therefore the engine features a simple AI-based controller that is responsible for making all the modules perform the best way possible in a particular situation on a particular machine.

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