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Hi. My name is Branislav Síleš (read as Seelesh) and I am the programmer behind Atomontage Engine™.

I have been playing computer games and programming computer graphics stuff since my teen age. I quickly realized that I find game engines the most interesting thing there. And limiting.

In late nineties most game developers insanely switched to hardware acceleration. With dozens of new accelerated same looking games released every year it started to be obvious that acceleration almost killed the invention in real-time 3D computer graphics. The creative potential of most game engine programmers became wasted on creating titles with average quality, average graphics and virtually no physics.

This development motivated me to get engaged with game engines and, what I find more important, with physics simulation. I started to think about a technology that would provide all the then missing functionality while being more or less independent of a particular acceleration hardware. My goal was to develop a totally efficient, physics simulation friendly 3D engine.

Currently I am prototyping the first massively voxel-based title powered by Atomontage Engine™.

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