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A Whole New Industry

There are many good reasons why it is useful to switch to a volumetric technology today. But there will be many more in a not so distant future. This is a whole new industry with unlimited opportunities and upcoming breakthroughs, a couple in every coming year.

Computer Games

Computer games of most genres will benefit extremely from better graphics and physics. With a volumetric technology it is for the first time in history possible to deal with a fully dynamic, interactive environment with all the destruction and fluid physics enabled. It is also easy to optimize the utilization of the available resources on the fly. AI algorithms will have it easy to see, touch and evaluate the volumetric content around them.

Another great thing is the possibility to generate large volume of content and use it instantly. No processing of complex polygon meshes necessary.

Visualization Tools

Volumetric content can be rendered easily. With objects made up of a billion voxels a boring visualization program will be turned to a high-end tool enabling spectacular views of the voxelized subject. Scientific visualization software will provide interaction with geometry with a high spatial resolution. Good examples are complex organic structures with fractal-like properties and also nano-structures consisting of millions of molecules.

Physics Simulation Entering Mainstream

Real-time physics simulation of volumetric content is easy. Education software will provide spectacular simulation and visualization of dynamics, fluid physics and thermodynamics. All that being performed in the classroom or at home on low-end PCs.

Advanced AI Learning

AI learning tools will become much more powerful in enabling the agent to learn about matter, structure of objects as well as complex physics that rules both the virtual and the real world. Such intelligent agents will be much easier and cheaper to develop since during development they will interact with virtual entities rather than being constructed as robots in a number of versions and tested in the real world. Future mars rovers might use a built-in virtual volumetric testbed to evaluate the environment around them and identify the optimal path to get to a target or the best method to examine a stone sitting on a sand trap.

Interactive 3D Movies

Interactive 3D movies will be another exciting use of a volumetric technology. Atomontage Engine™ seems to be useful in encoding and later rendering a sequence of voxelized versions of a dynamic 3D scene. The scene might be a 3D-capture of a future 3D movie scene or a computer animated movie. Such a movie would allow the audience to control a virtual camera when watching the movie and to focus their attention on what ever they will find interesting.

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