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 July 22, 2010  |  Reading forum stats...
Indirect Illumination, SSAA, Bloom, DOF

Atomontage Engine™ now performs much better than it ever did. The re-written parts of the renderer boosted the performance by 400% and at some situations by over 1000%! Right, the modern GPUs, I mean the GPUs from 2004 and up, are definitely well suitable for massive voxel scene rendering with per-pixel or even sub-pixel geometry details in real-time. The industry will change. It must!

The Indirect Illumination effect is an almost entirely CPU-based solution. It performs well but it is clear that it will get maybe up to 10 times faster after the non-intelligent part of the code is moved to the GPU (and even much faster with a properly optimized code).

The Depth of field and Bloom effects are a pre-shader solution (so is the rest of the renderer). As such they would most probably work on any archaic PC with OpenGL 1.2.1 or so if it supported OpenGL Frame-buffer object. These effects as well as the rest of the renderer will get faster and better with shaders.

The last three screenshots show what I call render-atoms. Temporarily such atom is an atomic chunk of data (re-)optimized for rendering before it is plot on the screen. The shiny squares or segments are groups of render-atoms that were invalidated in the past and needed to be re-optimized for hi-speed rendering.

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Armored vehicle model by WormSlayer

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